Proletarian Victim Blog #8

David Alfaro Siqueiros was a Mexican social realist painter. He was mostly known for his large murals in Fresco. Siqueiros was by far the most politically active of three established Mexican Muralism; Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and himself. David believes so strongly in politics that he got involved in an assassination plan against Leon Trotsky. He was forced into hiding after this failed attempt but later jailed and eventually expelled from Mexico. While in Jail, David’s art work seemed to flourish. He painted pieces of life suffering of the prison life. Later in life he moved to the United States to work on his art.

I am choosing to write about one of his famous pieces, “the Proletarian Victim”. Looking through different websites I cannot find a straight answer to what this painting is really about. One website says that is expresses the personal impact that social oppression has on the human. The rope binding the body symbolizes the oppressive government and the upper class over peasants. Another website says that this piece is of a bound Chinese woman who has been shot in the head. This refers to the abuse the Chinese suffered during the Japanese invasion in the early 30’s. This one piece of art is a mystery to many and to myself. I like this art work because it has so many meaning but no one will know the true meaning behind it.

“the Proletarian Victim” (1933) David Alfaro Siqueiros

“the Proletarian Victim” (1933) David Alfaro Siqueiros