Art form of the everyday form. Blog #6

Art is all around us. Whether you want to believe it or not art obtains our lives. Just like everything, art comes in several forms. In this case I’m talking about advertising. Advertisement is a type of art that you see all the time. I want to introduce interactive advertisement. Interactive media/advertisements refers to products or services that present contents such as text, graphics, videos, audio, games for people to interact with. This type of advertisement makes a potential customer part of the product or service. One major thing that I want to point out is that advertisement like this is not done by a single person but an entire team of artist.

First I would like to introduce these two photos.

Chief Creative Officer: Rob Feakins, Executive Creative Director: Davis Corr, and Art Directors: Jeremy Filgate, and Simeon Roane. New York.

This is advertisement for Bounty, a paper towel company. In the first photo there is a giant cup of coffee split all over the street of New York. This split cup also has steam and the smell of fresh coffee filling the air around it.

Chief Creative Officer: Rob Feakins, Executive Creative Director: Davis Corr, and Art Directors: Jeremy Filgate, and Simeon Roane. New York.

In the second photo there is a 550 pound pop cycle melting on the sideways of Los Angeles.

Both of these interactive advertisement has a sign posted next to it saying, “Makes small work of BIG spills”. These two separate advertisements were placed to get people to think about the Bounty brand paper towel and how they can clean up these hugs messes with little work.

The teams of creators for these projects are; Chief Creative Officer: Rob Feakins, Executive Creative Director: Davis Corr, and Art Directors: Jeremy Filgate, and Simeon Roane. This team of artist worked together for months to come up with an advertisement that will get people engaged in the Bounty brand. Everyone on the team had produced other types of advertisements. These particular arts were released in April of 2009.

Oldtimer restaurants, a leading Austrian chain of motorway rest stops. Designed by Demner, Merlicek and Bergmann in Vienna, Austria 2007.

This next piece of art is a huge banner launched by Oldtimer restaurants, a leading Austrian chain of motorway rest stops. The campaign wants people to take break from their trip and eat at their all you can eat buffet. This advertisement was designed by Demner, Merlicek and Bergmann in Vienna, Austria. There is not much about these artist except that they have produces a few other advertisements.

Designed my Lays in 2009. Posted on the Jackson tunnel in Chicago

Lays Potato Chip Company started in the 1930; they got the Lays symbol in the 1960’s. Lays has come a long way since the design of the symbol. Now Lays has a very interesting way of advertising. They posted a photo to make it look like they planted potatoes on top of the Jackson tunnel in Chicago with a sign saying, “Our potatoes are grown a lot closer than you think”. This publicity tells people that Lays potatoes are grown in America and that they are not an outside company.

We all know of Google maps, a web map service provided my Google. But even though Google is known by everyone they still do their share of advertisement. Google put together a team of artist to come up with ways to get people involved and to become more aware of this service. So… they designed this!

Google, Many places around the world, 2009

Lastly, I would like to introduce Friends of Earth. This is a campaign ran out of Washington to make the world a healthier place. They fight against pollution and try to inform people how they help make the Earth a better place to live. This group came up with a interesting cup lid. It was made to inform people that even the cars that they drive is harming the environment.

Washington, 2009, Friends of Earth

I just want to leave you off with saying that not all artist are world know, have pieces of work in a museum, on a canvas or a sculpture. It could be something that you see everyday, something that you hold in your hand, or walk by on the streets. This art isn’t famous or have lasting impressions on the art community BUT they do get the point across to you in a way that a simple photo in a magazine can’t but the same way that a true artist gets his/her point across in his art work.



6 thoughts on “Art form of the everyday form. Blog #6

  1. All of the required elements are included in this presentation. I agree that advertising is an underappreciated art form that commonly is overlooked. I thought your choice of images was very diverse and stimulating. I do not believe I have ever seen any of these advertisements which made the story behind them more interesting. I thought you did a great job of documenting the purpose behind the image and I would have enjoyed learning more about your reaction to each.

  2. You did a very nice job with this post, and I thought it was really interesting. I’d never thought of interactive ads as art before, but this post made me reconsider this view. My favorite work was probably the advertisement for Oldtimer restaurants, I thought it was pretty funny. I also thought the Friends of Earth ad was very clever. The Bounty advertisements were very impressive, and I think its neat that they made the spilt coffee have steam rising from it and that they made it smell like coffee. I didn’t like the Lays or Google Street View advertisements as much, but they were still interesting to look at.

    You did a good job providing factual information, and all of your works chosen met the criteria of having been created after 1975. I really liked the theme you chose for this assignment, it was very interesting. Lastly, you tied all of your works chosen into your theme, but you didn’t really discuss your aesthetic reaction to the works. I’d say the only thing you could have done to improve this post was to include more about your aesthetic reactions to the works. Out of curiosity, when did interactive advertising originate?

  3. You have presented a great and overlooked form of art! Thank you, also, for presenting advertizing art that is unique. I agree with you that advertising is a form of art in and of itself. I did not know that Bounty did those big ads. Though I have never seen the ad that you showed for Old Timer, I have seen things (in pictures) painted like that and I think it is a great idea. As I read your words, I felt that I could sense your intrest in and respect for art/artist in advitisment. One thing that I feel is really good that you took the time to point out is that this form of art is not typically done solo, but that there is most often a team of people involved. It is a great idea to advertise like this because not many people will forget seeing a giant popsicle in the road!

  4. Wow I enjoyed your blog! Thanks on the interesting take on art. I have never really thought of the advertising side of art. I thought that the Lays ad was very cute. The one that had me thinking was the bounty ad’s, my three year old would have ran to that popsicle and tried to clean up the coffee spills. Thanks for the new outlook on this side of art. I guess there really is more art out there that I haven’t noticed.

  5. I really enjoyed your exhibit. I don’t stop to think of advertisements as art. It is but I just think we are so used to seeing it that we forget people took a lot of time to create it. The pictures you chose to use are great. I really liked the one for the Oldtimer Restaurant. My kids would get suck a kick out of driving into a ladies mouth. I would suggest you using in-text citations. You did a good job listing them at the bottom but do not show where they belong in you blog. May be for your next blog add, (1), after each sentence where you used them to indicate which resource you are referencing. Other then that very interesting blog!

  6. This post was a job well done. Love the art used in this gallery. All of the pieces go well with each other. I really enjoyed the going through this blog. I gained some insightful information from reading this blog.

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