Impressionism Blog #4

Impressionism is a 19th century art movement that started with a group of Paris-Based artists. The name arose from the title of one of Claude Monet work, “Impression , soleil levant”, 1872. Characteristics of impressionism painting are thin, small brush strokes, open composition, emphasis on light, ordinary subject matter, and unusual angles. Impressionist painters took their work outside to capture moments in time. They portrayed the overall visual effects in their paintings instead of the details. Unmixed and “pure” colors were used to achieve the effect of intense colors.

Although Impression was a big change to the visual art world, I think that I still enjoy other art better than Impression. My opinion is mainly based off of how detailed past artist were in their paintings verses how detailed art is with the Impressionist style. Take a look at the two paintings by Artemisia Gentileschi in my 2nd blog. Her paintings show great detail. You can see the splatter of blood all over the place. She used darkness to set the tone of the painting to emphasize that the murder is dark and mysterious. Past painting like Artemisia Gentileschi’s are very dramatic, vivid, and straight to the point. Impressionism art is different. It is more relaxed with less detail and almost peaceful.

Even though Impressionism art is not my favorite I do still enjoy it. Claude Monet is a great example of art that I do like from the Impressionism art. His 8 oil painting series “Reflection of Clouds on Water Lilly Pond, 1920”, done in Northern France, really makes me feel a part of the painting. I feel like I am sitting on a bench staring at the lily pads floating on the river. I really enjoy art like that, that makes me feel like I am there too.

Claude Monet, “Reflection of Clouds on Water Lilly Pond, 1920”



6 thoughts on “Impressionism Blog #4

  1. I agree with you about impressionism. I don’t *hate* the art, there are a couple impressionist artists I enjoy, and a few paintings by various impression artists we read about that I like. But, I have to say, impression is probably my least favorite style as well. I, too, appreciate the detail in the previous era’s–my favorites being rococo and romantic, with renaissance a very close third. Impressionist painting, by it’s nature, lacks that detail.

    I always enjoy seeing another person’s perspective on things. I find myself wondering how many other students will end up actually preferring impressionism to other styles. I think it’s definitely a style that takes some getting used to for sure–it’s no wonder it was met with such heavy criticism at first.

  2. Impressionism is somewhat of an acquired taste. I agree with you when you say that even though it is not always the most aesthetically pleasing, there are some artists who created amazing works of art. You chose a great painting the demonstrates what is beautiful about Impressionism. You neglected to compare Impressionism with another artistic style. What is your favorite style?

  3. Great work expressing you feelings about Impressionism and providing important history and detail about period. It is clear you prefer detailed art work that is dramatic and emotional. It was interesting that you did like the Monet painting since it is very simple, soothing and detail free. My favorite part, “I really enjoy art like that, that makes me feel like I am there too.” It would have been interesting to read your comparison with Post-Impressionism and another period we previously studied.

  4. Wow!!! I loved “Reflection of Clouds on Water Lilly Pond” by Monet that you included in your blog!!! What I wouldn’t give to hang that in my living room! 😉 Your comparison of Impressionism to the dramatic style utilized by Artemisia Gentileschi in her paintings was very insightful and you make a great example of how the two styles differ vastly! With that being said, I think I still prefer the serene, peaceful vibe portrayed in the Impressionistic style!

  5. Nice historic overview of the Impressionistic style. I personally agree with your view of Impressionism, it can be something hard to get used to, but every once and a while you come across a painting that just draws your attention. I loved the Monet painting in your blog; where in France can you find this piece?

  6. I enjoyed the Impressionist art as well, though I couldn’t really say that it was the only art I enjoy. I really like the painting you picked out by Claude Monet. That is something that I would hang in my house. I personally believe that Impressionist art is more decorative as in home decor. I would not hang the other painting you compared the Impressionist style to in my living room. 🙂

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